“It's moments like these that I love @joshsharp and @tscribe.”

— @sesh

“Wow.. Twitter export is cool as!”

— @snarkle

“I love you.”

— @bobearth

Backup, search, and export your tweets.

Twitter only lets you go back 3200 tweets when looking back through your history. If you plan on keeping your tweets for posterity, or being able to search back for a link you tweeted, for example, you want to use something like Twitterscribe.

When you first sign up, we import as many of your old tweets as we can.

From then on, we import your tweets nightly to make sure you always have a copy.

What can I do with my saved tweets?

  • Browse through tweets by month
  • Search tweets by keyword/username/hashtag/URL
  • Export tweets to CSV and PDF. (The PDFs are quite nice.)

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